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Don't let the label given your child become a life sentence!

If a child has been labeled dyslexic, or anything from ADD/ADHD to Autism, Elective Mutism, Asperger's, Oppositional Behavior, it is usually not a diagnosis but an excuse for not finding out what is actually not working. For information that allows you to be the detective in finding out how to help your child -without drugs - read the books and watch the videos offered on this website.

Here is a sample from Svea Gold's video "Autism Neurological Research"
which is based on her book "If Kids Just Came With Instruction Sheets!".
See book and video details below.


Here is a sample from Sally Goddard's video "Learning Problems and Neurodevelopmental Delay"
which is based on her book "Reflexes, Learning and Behavior".
See book and video details below.

Take an On-demand Course in Reflex Integration and Rhythmic Movement!
Taught by Sonia Story, developer of the Brain and Sensory Foundations course for parents and professionals.
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Reflexes, Learning and Behavior

This book points out key signals which spot the causes of a child´s learning and behavior problems and shows how to best eliminate these causes.

$19.95 Paperback (20% Publisher's Discount On This Website)

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See our video by the same author: Learning Problems and Neuro-developmental Delay

When Peter Blythe at the Institute of Neuro-Physiological Psychology began to search for a physical basis to learning and behavior problems, he found that detection and analysis of primitive and postural reflexes can be used as a valuable tool for physicians, psychologists, teachers and parents to find out why a child is not performing at age level.

This research impacts not only how these experts perceive each child but also helps them to determine what interventions will be most effective.

Sally Goddard, director, researcher and therapist at the Institute, has taught many school districts to take advantage of this knowledge in the classroom. Since the Institute´s way of thinking is backed up by decades of neurological research that proved that the brain is indeed plastic, teachers in Sweden, Germany, Australia and the United States are applying Goddard´s knowledge. They find that when children have the basic equipment for learning, teaching methods become more effective and the children blossom. Then, if a child still lags behind, they are learning to answer the question "Why?" and can help that child to succeed.

- Their Impact on success or failure in education: The Moro Reflex, The Palmar Reflex, The Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex, The Rooting Reflex, The Spinal Galant Reflex, The Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex, The Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex;
Ch. 2 - FROM PRIMITIVE REFLEX TO POSTURAL CONTROL: Postural Reflexes, The Landau Reflex, The Amphibian Reflex, The Segmental Rolling Reflexes, Equilibrium Reactions (The Startle Reflex, The Parachute Reflex);
Ch. 3 - BRAIN DEVELOPMENT - Establishing a Brain Hierarchy: The Brain Stem, The Midbrain - Thalmus, Basal Ganglia, Hypothalmus, The Cerebellum, The Cerebral Cortex, Hemisphere Specialization, The Triune Brain;
Ch. 4 - THE SENSES: Balance and the Vestibular System, Tactility, Auditory, Visual, Proprioception, Taste and Smell;
Ch. 5 - REFLEX TESTING: Moro Reflex Standard Test, Moro Reflex Erect Test (Clarke, Bennett, and Rowston), Palmar Reflex, Asymmetrical Tonic Reflex Standard Test, Asymmetical Tonic Neck Reflex Schilder Test, Rooting Reflex, Suck Reflex, Spinal Galant Reflex, Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex Erect Test, Symmetrical Tonic Neck Test, Landau Reflex, Amphibian Reflex, Prone and Supine, Segmental Rolling Reflex, Hips and Shoulders, Oculo-Headrighting Reflexes, Labyrinthine Headrighting Reflexes;
Ch. 6 - HOW CAN WE HELP?: Deciding the level of remediation, Teaching with normal child development in mind, Sensory Problems: Balance, Auditory, Visual, Providing better environment for children with NDD, TABLES: Development and Transformation of the Reflex System, Historical Indicators of Neuro-Developmental Delays, Remediation for Retained Reflexes;
Ch. 7 - THE EVOLUTION OF AN IDEA - REFLECTING ON REFLEXES: History, Clinical Research, Research into the impact of Reflex Stimulation/Inhibition, Summary;
APPENDIX: Chapter Notes, Case Histories and Papers: Beuret: Results with adolescents and adults, Goddard: Elective mutism: The unchosen silence, Developmental milestones: Blueprint for survival, Why do our children roll and tumble? GLossary, Useful Addresses, References, Index

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Published by Fern Ridge Press
List Price: $24.95. $19.95 with automatic 20% Discount on this website
ISBN 0-9764543-0-0



If Kids Just Came With Instruction Sheets!

This book is a compendium of methods to help cope
with predictable and unexpected crises in raising children.

$24 .95 Softbound

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INTRODUCTION: You Are Number One
SECTION ONE: JUST GROWING UP - Easing Predictable Crises In Childhood

a. Crying b. Thumb sucking c. Exploration phase d. Toilet training e. Bed-wetting f. Temper tantrums
g. Dirty words h. Fears i. Sexual exploration j. Working mother syndrome k. Mealtime l. Bedtime story
Ch. 1 A Justification for the Existence of this Section: History of Child Abuse
EARLY YEARS Ch. 2 The Bonding Connection Ch. 3 What Does Love Have To Do With It? Ch. 4 The Allergy Connection Ch. 5 The Blood Sugar Connection
EARLY SCHOOL YEARS Ch. 6 The Sensory Connection Ch. 7 Learning Problems: The Time Connection Ch. 8 Learning Problems: Neurological Connection
Ch. 9 Psychological Connection Ch. 10 Educational Bugaboo: Attention Deficit Syndrome
TEEN YEARS Ch. 11 Delinquency: The Learning Disability Connection Ch. 12 Offender Behavior: The Nutrition Connection
Ch. 13 Sexual Abuse Connection: When to suspect the child has been sexually abused
Ch. 14 Drug Abuse: The Metabolism Connection Ch. 15 Delinquency: The Genetic Connection
1. Global Village to the Rescue 2. Preliminary Evaluation of Neurological Organization 3. Information for Volunteers 4. Evaluating and Treating Sensory Problems
5. Can You Set Up Your Own Program? 6. Excercises 7. How to Test Your Child for Allergies 8. Tackling the Bedwetting Problem
9. Partial List of Predictable Behaviors 10. Introduction to the Brain 11. How To Stimulate a Baby
"I Can Look At You Now..."
Autism, Neurological Research and Neurodevelopmental Approaches
Bibliography -  Partial List of Organizations -  Biographies -  Index

BOOK / 2008 / Softbound
Published by Fern Ridge Press
ISBN 978-0-9764543-1-1
See our video by the same author: Autism Neurological Research and Neurodevelopmental Therapy

Click Here For Text/Article Samples From This Book---See above for samples from video


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