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Brighter Children - Brighter Tomorrow!

By Prof. Lyelle Palmer

In Part 1, One of the aims of Goals 2000 is to have every child ready for first grade. At Winona State University in Winona, Minnasota, Professor Palmer shows how to reach that aim by making use of the brain research of the last 25 years.

This research has shown us that no matter what the background of the child, no matter what experiences the child brings to school, we can boost the developmental abilities. We can speed up the child's response time, hand-eye coordination and increase the attention span. All this can be achieved with fun activities that make school a delightful experience which allows children a taste of success. These methods do not put stress on academics before the child is ready for those, nor do they interfere with the goals and emphasis of any particular school.

The emphasis is on integrating stimulation joyfully and playfully into the school program to PREVENT LEARNING PROBLEMS rather than having to deal with them later.

In Part 2, Professor Palmer shows specfic techniques for pre-school and early elementary grades. These principles can be used easily for home schooling or, for that matter, by any parents who wish to make sure their children will become successful and happy students.

Narrator: Bob Loudon.

Part 1 - 30 min / Part 2 - 22 min.
Both Parts are included on the DVD Video
Available in NTSC and PAL

DVD VIDEO / 1994 / color / 52 min
Produced by Fern Ridge Press.
DVDs are available for all regions worldwide

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