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John F. Unruh, Ph.D.

The Centre For Neurological Rehabilitation


The publication of Down Syndrome: Successful Parenting of Children with Down Syndrome has brought Dr.Unruh in contact with such children and their parents all over the world. He writes:

"Drawing also on research by others who heretofore had mainly addressed individual problems encountered by such children, we discovered that there are specific medical, nutritional and dietary needs specific to the Syndrome. We saw the need for special behavioral intervention as well as for the neuro- logical programs that foster proper development. We found that when these needs are met, children with Down Syndrome maximize their potential and become the best they can be.

Being the first to develop this specific, multifaceted intervention has provided me with an enormous amount of experience as my services developed through- out the world. Because of the nature of my work, many of these children have provided me with long term contact, allowing me to follow their progress from a few weeks of age through adulthood. This long-term exposure has helped me to understand the importance of early intervention to get the best results later in life. I believe knowledge gained during this enriching exposure has allowed me to provide a comprehensive source of information that does not exist anywhere else. I am privileged to be the one to provide this valuable help to so many as I continue my learning journey."

Dr. Unruh now provides services in the following locations.
Laredo, Texas: For information you must contact Ana Archuleta at (956) 717 8661
Barcelona, Spain: For Information you must contact Marina Mas at 3493 273 9975
West Palm Beach, Florida: For information you must contact Pat Unruh by e-mail at
Toronto Canada: For information you must contact Basil Ziv 416 244 1992
Dr. Unruh does not see children at the Canadian locations, but has certified their staff to provide his services. The staff have completed intensive training with Dr Unruh and have successfully operated under his guidance since 2004.

Dr. Unruh, The founder and Director of the CNR was born in 1941. He also is the owner and director of Neurological Rehabilitation Consultants and The Learning Institute.

He was an exceptional child having completed a 4 year course of study in Chemistry by the time he was 17. He then continued his education with a baccalaureate degree and a masters degree in Physical Education specializing in Therapeutic Exercise and Counseling. He then earned his doctoral degree in Developmental Psychology having studied at many Universities in the Philadelphia area including West Chester University, Temple University, The University of Delaware and the Avery Post Graduate Institute.

In addition, he completed a one year apprenticeship under the tutelage of Eugene B. Spitz, M.D. the renowned neurosurgeon and neurologist. Dr. Unruh´s contributions to the services of the CNR are numerous and far reaching. In recognition of his contributions to the well being of handicapped children along with the international scope of his work, West Chester University has awarded him t

Providing lectures, seminars and conferences in many countries has been his primary mode of disseminating information about his work and the work of the CNR. His recent book, Down Syndrome, published by Fern Ridge Press, Eugene, Oregon, has received acclaim from many parents and professional sources such as The Gesell Institute at Yale University. In addition, He has developed services in Israel, Morocco, Iran, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada as well as Saint Louis and Los Angeles in The United States.

Currently he is responsible for services in Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, Mexico, Spain and Belgium and is actively negotiating with two other countries that would like to offer the CNR services under his direction. Dr. Unruh personally sees every child under his care and meets with every family at each visit.

He is a physically imposing figure at 6´4´ in height and well over 250 lbs. He also holds a 6th degree black belt in Judo and a 5th degree black belt in Jujitsu. Yet, he fits perfectly into the description of the gentle giant. The children love him, the parents admire him and his fellow professionals have great respect for him. He is loved by thousands who have had their lives touched by him and therefore made better due to the help he was able to provide.

He has a lovely wife Patricia (Pat), who works by his side as the Associate Director of the CNR and three daughters Monica, Patty Ann, and Alison who also gave him his first grandchild Anna.

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