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Peter Blythe, Ph.D.

Institute for Neuro-Developmental Psychology

4 Stanley Place, Chester CH1 2LU, England
Tel/Fax 01244 311414

Peter Blythe is the Director of the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology in Chester, England. The Institute sponsors the yearly International Conference of Neuro-Developmental Delay In Children With Specific Learning Difficulties. This event brings together scientists in many different fields of expertise. It is now in its thirteenth year.

The Institute has affiliatees in many different countries which use the specific techniques of reflex stimulation/inhibition developed at the Institute. While children are seen and counseled at INPP Peter Blythe and Sally Goddard train teachers at monthly workshops how to spot neuro-developmental delay in students who have difficulties learning and teach tech techniques which can be ised in the classroom to ensure that all children have the neurological readdiness to function suiccessfully.

In his early professional life, Peter Blythe was divided into working as a therapist with adults manifesting all the symptoms of neuroses, and working with children of near average, average or above average intelligence who underachieve educationally. For a number of yuears he was a senior lecturer in psychology at a College of Education. In addition to having published many papers in the field of physiological psychology, Peter Blythe is the author of Hypnotism: Its Power and Practise. The highly popular Stress Disease: The Growing Plague, and the book which he now calls outdated, An Organic Basis for Neuroses and Educational Difficulties. He and Sally Goddard cooperated in the video Learning Problems and Neuro-developmental Delay which has been widely distributed internationally.

Techniques and rationale now applied at INPP are fully described in Sally Goddard's book A Teacher's Window Into The Child's Mind. It is in its third edition (1998, Fern Ridge Press, Eugene, OR).

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