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There Is Always Hope

You can post the letter below I want to tell the world and parents like me: There is always hope, and there is always an answer, we just have to keep looking and do our best!
Thanks you so much- Eva.

My name is Eva Metodi, my son Ethan was diagnosed with severe to moderate Autism at the age of 2. He was doing a bit better until we started seeing an "Expert Dr" who not only did not help my son but made his health and situation worse. As new parents and total strangers to this phenomena we started looking for answers and another type of help but did not know where to start.

We wanted to know more about Autism, trusting no one but ourselves and higher power.

Among thousands of pages of information everywhere on the web I ran into your simple single page that probably gave me more information than all those websites I have seen altogether. I bought the first book : If Kids Just Came With Instruction Sheets by Svea Gold.

At first I did not read it since i was too busy trying to get my son healthy again. He was so sick .
His head was swollen, his belly was swollen, his kidneys where failing, he had diarrhea for a straight year, he was not looking, not communicating, he was pale, weak, scared, and hated touch. and was not eating anything but a cookie.
After reading a wonderful book called "The GAPS Diet" by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride and implementing the diet in full - I managed to fix his belly and his overhauls health and I knew now it's time to turn to Svea's book and try to fix the brain.

As i was reading Svea's work I could not help myself but crying. Here it was all along, real help, real hope for my son. I have only started a few exercises from the book and my son is drawing and writing and saying a few words.
They can't say it was speech therapy since he didn't get any from the day he was diagnosed and the Government free service stated "there are too many of them and no speech therapist available".
Since he was so sick and since we could not afford it - it was all up to us and the books.

The speech therapist my son does see now, started only a couple of weeks ago. She was pretty much clueless but "free" so we didn't mind. A couple of days after seeing him she was off on vacation till this week, this is when i started with the exercises from Svea's book.
The speech therapist was so impressed with Ethan's big jump in communication she asked me what am I doing ? and asked me to give her the books I'm reading. She sat down and started reading it herself.
Ethan is 4 now , 2 years of very minor progress up until now....3 weeks into the process my son say actual words, asking for "juice" or "out" and he is happy all the time.

We never heard his voice, it is so sweet - it's like Angels are singing. Ethan try so hard to speak more and more everyday, not everything is clear yet but many words he say are clear, and he correct himself and say the words clearer each day.
He plays with his baby sister for the first time and hug us all the time, he sometimes give us this really tight hug like saying "thank you for finally understanding me".
Ethan reads more than 55 words from cards we got him, he spell and write all of them perfectly. Some as long as "watermelon" the really funny thing is that the first word Ethan wrote was "Question" How appropriate!

I wanted to take a moment and say a huge thank you! Thank you so much for posting this page with all the info on it.
Thanks for offering all this amazing books and information.
We gave Svea's book and DVD to a friend who her daughter was diagnosed with retardation, the girl is 20 years old and after her mother (our friend) started doing what we are doing - the young lady started to talk. she is not retarded at all!! She is just Autistic and her diagnostic was all wrong.

This book helped 5 more people with kids with similar disorders - I bought a few more books of other authors from your site and Ii can't wait to read them all. Myself and all of these people which you have touched their lives are so very grateful for the wonderful work you are doing.

Thanks to Svea I finished Dr Delacato's book "The Ultimate Stranger" and i was crying the whole time i was reading it. I saw my son in between the lines talking to me and i understand him so much better now- it all make sense now and that what makes all the difference. keep up the good work and PLEASE- keep Svea's work alive. It's a life saving info!

From me, my son Ethan and the entire family and friends, THANK YOU for being my son's Angels!
Blessings from the bottom of my heart.

Svea Gold's DVD is a gem!

Hi Tom,

Here's my testimonial for Fern Ridge. "Tom at Fern Ridge Press demonstrated incredible customer service! He was responsive and professional in handling my order. I would recommend Fern Ridge Press whole heartedly." -- Maria Simeone, Teaching Artist/Owner of MusicMovestheBrain

BTW, Svea Gold's DVD is a gem! I have incorporated the exercises with my Move to Learn and MusicMovestheBrain programs. I am so glad you are continuing to offer it! Keep up the good work!


Maria Simeone

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