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Svea J. Gold, MLS

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In 1982, Svea Gold attended a workshop on child abuse prevention and became aware how many children were beaten and otherwise abused for behaviours over which the child had no control. Irate at the ignornace that was underlying this abuse, she produced seven videotapes with funding from what was then the HEW (Department of Health and Welfare). This series of tapes features experts in different areas that affect children's behavior: normal developmenal stages, neurological developmental delay, allergy, nutrition, metabolism, and those behavior problems caused by prior sexual abuse. These videos were aimed at giving parents the information they needed to help their children without harsh discipline. They were distributed to public and college libraries all over the States.

As a result of these tapes, she approached the experts involved to become consultants on a book which was then titled When Children Invite Child Abuse. The book won the Educator's Award from Delta Kappa Gamma in 1987, and the ALSK Award for Extraordinary Achievement from the Institute of Neuro-Physiological Psychology in 1988. It was used as textbook in many colleges for almost ten years, and upon their request was totally updated with recent research and published as If Kids Just Came With Instruction Sheets! It won the INPP award for 1998.

After retiring from the Eugene (Oregon) Public Library, where among other duties she produced the library's weekly television show, she did a hands-on neuro-developmental program with delinquents at the Lane County Juvenile Department with those teens and at-risk high school students who had learning and behavior problems. Some of these experiences are described in If Kids Just Came With Instruction Sheets! This effort won her the Golden Apple award from the Eugene Educator's Association in 1996. She also created a highly successful summer program for children who had been on Ritalin during the school year.

She has lectured in Canada, England and the U.S., and has published articles in Academic Therapy, The Developmentalist, Library Journal and others. Though retired, she still occasionally lectures. She recently produced and directed a video, Autism Neurological Research and Neurodevelopmental Therapy, showing how the latest research on autism confirms her experience in helping autistic children. When approached by parents seeking answers for their children's problems, she teaches them developmental techniques and helps them network with other experts who could help the child.

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